Welcome to Howitt Park

Howitt Park is a park for enjoyment and sport and caters for all ages. For the younger children is has an adventure park and during the summer months Little Athletics take place on its athletics oval. Football is played on the main oval with male and female junior and senior competitions taking place. Rowing is another feature of the parks sporting bodies with regular social rowing every Sunday morning.

Bocce will be played from the end of 2012 with a court conveniently being built outside the clubrooms. A softball backnet allows practice on the main oval for the local Softball Association to use. All the sporting bodies welcome anyone who would like to come along to watch, play or learn how to play. The clubrooms, with all the usual facilities, allow community groups to meet and are used by all the user groups that make up the management committee. Every third Sunday there is a friendly “Market Day” with brightly colored stalls offering a variety of goods and delicious food and coffee to round off the experience. Howitt Park the park for the people.

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Booking Fees

*Please read carefully before using the booking system*
  • Group “A” or “B”: If you wish to book 2 Ovals, 2 Ovals and Clubhouse or an Oval and Clubhouse, please book them separately and select the 'Extra charge' option for each of the extra booking items.
  • The “Extra Charge” option is found by scrolling down in the “Your Organisation” box.
  • State a REASON for your booking in the space provided
  • Please take note that there are several mandatory answers you have to supply when making a booking. These are shown.
Group A: Not for Profit Organizations and Schools
Group B: Use of Clubrooms only
Group C: Commercial Operators
User Groups: This option is only for pre-approved User groups who have an account with Howitt Park

Any event using nominated oval with no entry fee with external toilet access $200.00
Any other event with onsite commercial operators and/or sponsors and with external toilet access $250.00
Extra charge if booking a second oval or clubroom with any of the above $50.00

Club room without Kitchen facilities $100.00
Club with use of kitchen and all equipment (limited crockery & cutlery) $150.00

Any event using oval only including access to external onground toilets $300.00
Extra charge if booking a second oval with any of the above $100.00
Use of Clubroom use Group B fees

Sunday Market: To book a market stall please contact Sunrise Rotary Club by going to the contacts page or by clicking on their logo above and contact their Market Contact

Other Requirements:
Public Liability Insurance Cover:

Any casual user must have a current Public Liability Insurance cover a copy of which is to be sighted by the Howitt Park Management Committee 7 days prior to the event.
Permit to conduct an event:
It is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure that a permit is necessary and obtained from the authorities to conduct an event. A copy of this must be sighted by the Howitt Park Management Committee before the event commences.
A bond of $400.00 is to be forwarded 14 days prior to the event. This will be returned in full should the oval and its facilities are left in the manner they were found in. Schools are exempt from paying a bond

Method of payments:
  • A non refundable deposit of $50.00 is to be paid to the Howitt Park Management Committee within 7 days from booking. Failure to do so will cancel the booking
  • The balance of monies are to be paid on receipt of invoice sent by Howitt Park Management Committee
  • A “Pay Pal” method is available for any payment
  • Please post cheques to:
    PO Box 1410
    Bairnsdale 3875
  • Schools; are exempt from paying a deposit but will pay on receipt of invoice. Failure to advise of cancellation a $50.00 cancellation fee may apply.
Once you book a venue any cancellation must be made 14 days before event. Failure to do so you’re DEPOSIT will be forfeited

Make a Booking

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